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Manjul Playhouse

World Class Pre-school Education
for Less Privileged Children
in Rajkot, India

Located at Rajkot, Gujarat, MANJUL Playhouse and Nursery caters to the underprivileged children who cannot otherwise afford quality education. Developing life skills and preparing the children for a brilliant future is the objective of MANJUL. The paradigm shift which is needed today can only be provided by quality education; but not all parents can afford it. Manjul delivers quality English medium education, and charges no fees whatsoever. All made possible with management support and philanthropic support by T B Mehta Charitable Trust and Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown.

Our organization Smt. Dayakunvar and Shri Tapulal B. Mehta Rotary Midtown Playhouse and Nursery (“Manjul”) provides quality English medium education to children from families with a financial need. Committed full time teachers deploy modern methods to develop learning skills in pre-school children. The education is provided free of cost and no fees are charged. Manjul aims to stimulate the natural intellectual curiosity of pre-school children in an educational environment hitherto available only in very high cost private schools. Currently children from poor families have no access to pre-school education from age 3 to 5 as municipal schools admit students directly to Class 1.

In its first academic year 2014-15, Manjul has enrolled 40 children which has now grown to 150. Its first batch of students who finished their third year at Manjul obtained admission to some of the best schools in the city like Sunshine, Raj Kumar College, Bhushan School and SNK School where their education will continue to be free of cost.

As one of the leading trusts in Rajkot which nurtures the educational needs of the lower strata of the society, philanthropic support from Tapulal Bhagwanji Mehta Trust and Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown Charitable Trust has helped to start this playhouse and nursery.

The inauguration ceremony of MANJUL Playhouse and Nursery was held on 08-July-2014, and the project was made possible by philanthropic support of Ms. Manjulaben Mehta (The chief donor of MANJUL Playhouse and Nursery) and Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown Charitable Trust. Mr. Vikram Sanghani is the visualizer and initiator of the project and gives his valuable time to ensure the success of this project. Ms. Malini Shah, MBA gold medalist, and past Vice Principal of S N Kansagra school, is the Principal at Manjul.

Manjul Playhouse is located at
Saurashtra High School Campus, Near Kotecha Chowk,

Recent Programs

Independence Day

August 5, 2013
9:00am - 1:00pm

Independence Day Celebration at MANJUL to encourage patriotism in child.


Wolf Trap Arts

October 22, 2015
9:00am - 1:00pm

Ms. Christina Farrell from Wolf Trap Institute (USA) conducted a two-week training programme for the introduction of performing arts in pre-school education. Click here to see the video.


Annual Function

April 10, 2016
9:00am - 1:00pm

A program performed by the students on the annual day function.


DG Visit

September 24, 2016
9:00am - 1:00pm

Rotary District Governor visited Manjul and was very happy to interact with the children of Manjul.


Health Checkup Camp

October 5, 2016
9:00am - 1:00pm

Health Checkup Camp at Manjul by Dr. Jhankhana Sanghvi. A big thank you Jhankhanaben!!!



November 16, 2016
9:00am - 1:00pm

A one day picnic full of fun and frolic.


Sports Day

December 31, 2016
9:00am - 1:00pm

Out door activities to enhance the physical fitness of children.


Republic Day

January 26, 2017
9:00am - 1:00pm

Instilling patriotic values in children.


Annual Function

February 25, 2017
9:00am - 1:00pm

A day which the children of Manjul get a stage to showcase their talents.


Final Results

April 22, 2017
9:00am - 1:00pm

The gist of the entire year's performance. A very rewarding day for teachers and children!


New Admissions

April, 2022


Bag Distribution

June 9, 2022

Bag Distribution by Rotarian Rajenbhai Karia


Parent Teacher Meeting

July 22, 2022


Tree Plantation Drive

July 27, 2022

Tree Plantation Drive lead by Rotarian Nehaben Shah and Binaben Changani


Independence Day Celebrations

August 13, 2022

Case Studies

Ankush Prakashbhai Roman


Ankush, a 3 year old boy, has no idea what a father figure is. His life revolves around his mother. The father is an alcoholic and the only reason he comes home is when he is in need of money. Sangeeta, mother of Ankush, is a quiet lady, who has learned how to survive from the various experiences in her life. She started doing household work, leaving the kids behind, in order to feed the family. With very little money to cover their basic needs, education of the children was a dream which she dare not even think of. She called in at Manjul and now Ankush is a happy child, learning new things every day.

Hetal Munnabhai Jariya

Hetal is the younger of two children of a mother, who is not only poor, but also deaf and dumb. Because of her condition, she does not get work anywhere and is forced to beg at a temple. With limited income, she can hardly get to feed her children.

The father is a drunkard who does not work to support the family. The total income comes from begging which hardly meets the bread and butter needs. Giving her children proper education is something which Hetal’s mother cannot even think of. Also, the mother is unable to communicate her feelings in words and hence, there is a clear demarcation seen in the mental prowess of the child. Hetal has always lacked something which we have had in our childhood, a permanent teacher in the form of a mother. Unable to speak, Hetal’s mother cannot be the educator to the child. And of course, being underprivileged, she would not have alternative means to provide the right education.

After Hetal started coming to MANJUL, one can see a visible difference in her attitude and how she now expresses herself. When she had joined, when she wanted to say something she would just point out and use gestures, though she is able to talk. Now, she uses words to frame sentences and expresses her feelings!!!


Kinnari Prajeshbhai Gotecha


Kinnari is such a sweet child, always smiling. She comes from a family which has seen many ups and downs. The father is jobless almost by choice and mother has a younger child to take care of. With no clear income source, there was no way Kinnari would get the education which she deserves. MANJUL admitted her and she has blossomed from a very quiet girl to a bright young student.

Dhrumil Dhirubhai Parmar

The child of a rickshaw driver, Dhrumil was an insecure kid, who would refuse to let his mother go. It took time to win his confidence and make sure that he sits without his mother initially. There was no financial support from anyone in the extended family and the parents were concerned about the future of the child. There was no way they could afford an education for Dhrumil. Now, he not only sits in the classroom, but is also an active participant.


Dev Mohitbhai Nanda


A shy kid by nature, it was very difficult for us to take him from one place to another. He would just look at us blankly. Today, he not only follows instructions, but can also communicate clearly. Though he still retains a part of his shy nature, we can see a lot of difference in him.

Teaching Methodology and Curriculum

Young children flourish when they are provided with the right atmosphere for the learning process. Engaging them in activities which would assist in the overall development of the child would provide them with a sense of purpose. Starting from basic mannerism to educational activities, the children at Manjul are trained to face all the challenges in life.

Manjul aims at providing the best quality education in English medium to the underprivileged for their overall development. Ensuring that the children participate in all the activities which enhance their overall grown, they are provided with milestones which would help them learn and grow.

Interactive modules are followed in order to ensure that each child gets equal opportunity to grow. The teaching is made lively and interesting using innovative methods. The learning not only ensures cognitive development of the child, but also paves the path for their overall growth. Interactive methods and the nest use of modern technology gives each child an opportunity to bring out their hidden talent.

Student Evaluation Criteria

Sr. Focus Area Curriculum Description
1 Language Enhancement
  • Language Development
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening to stories
  • Listening to rhymes and songs
  • Singing rhymes
  • Following one step directions
  • Participating in conversation with action
  • Using simple words
  • Naming the objects
  • Matching and separating same and different objects
  • Identifying the picture prints
  • Scribbling
2 Mathematics
  • Pre math and math
  • Sorting and arranging numbers
  • Exploring shapes and primary colors
  • Matching
  • One to one correspondence
  • Opposites
  • Singing number rhymes with action
3 General Knowledge
  • Understanding the world
  • Attentively listening
  • Generate curiosity to explore objects
  • Identify day to day items
  • Name and identify common animals, birds, flowers, fruits and vegetables
4 Creativity
  • Creative development
  • Play with real life objects and toys
  • Using imagination and expressing through objects
5 Gross Motor Skills
  • Physical Development
  • Activities and games related to walking in a straight line, circle, forward, backward.
  • Running, jumping, balancing, throwing, etc.
6 Fine Motor Skills
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Transferring objects
  • Printing independently
  • Sand play for finger muscle development
  • Tearing paper into big and small pieces and pasting randomly
  • Pouring, twisting and crumbling
  • Closing and opening buttons
  • Threading the beads
  • Sorting objects
  • Ball Play
  • Coloring
7 Overall Development
  • Personal, social and Emotional Development
  • Learning to follow instructions, rules and routines
  • Learning to share material in a group
  • Interaction within groups and with peers
  • Expression of feelings
About Us

Manjul is a preschool which is born out of a passion to give primary education to the under privileged children; to reach out to that strata of the society which would otherwise remain deprived of primary education. Here is a brief introduction of the dream team behind the success of Manjul.


Mr. Vikram Sanghani

(IT Entrepreneur - Manjul Visualizer And Initiator)

Mr. Vikram Sanghani is Jt Managing Director of Ace Software Exports Ltd, listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. He is an MBA from the Bajaj institute of Mumbai, and is associated with several philanthropic activities. He serves on the advisory board of several academic institutions, and is an active member of the Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown. He is the visualizer and initiator of Manjul, and actively leads the organization in its administration. Vikram's dream is to have Manjul's children study in some of the best colleges someday - St. Stephen's, Johns Hopkins, UCL, Upenn, to name a few.

Ms. Malini Shah

(Principal, Manjul)

Ms. Malini Shah is a gold medal awardee MBA from Saurashtra University, and later served for a duration of seven years as the Vice Principal at the prestigious SNK School in Rakot. She works full time at Manjul, and is responsible for the entire operations including curriculum development, recruiting, and education delivery.



Ms. Manjulaben Mehta

(Philanthropist and Member of The Managing Committee)

Ms. Manjula Mehta is a philanthropist and is the Managing Trustee of Shri Tapulal B. Mehta Charitable Trust founded in memory of her father. She supports several charitable projects in Rajkot including higher education scholarships for 120+ brilliant students, a senior living home, among other activities. She provides a substantial portion of the capital and running expenditure at Manjul.

Dr. Niranjanbhai Parikh

(Senior and leading obstetrician and gynaecologist and Managing Trustee, Rotary Midtown Charitable Trust)

Dr. Niranjanbhai Parikh is a senior and leading obstetrician and gynaecologist of Rajkot. He is a founder member of Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown. He served as the President of Rotary Club of Rajkot Midtown in the year 2000-01 and created a unique record of achieving 21 matching grants from Rotary Foundation for various service projects. His yeoman contribution to the success of significant 3-H projects like Earthquake Rehabilitation townships and Lapasari Dam are inspirational. He has been the managing trustee of the Rotary Midtown Charitable Trust from the inception.


How can you help?

You can support Manjul in a variety of ways:

  • Volunteer your time as a teacher, nutritionist, musician, physical instructor, medical doctor
  • Sponsor a child’s education by giving a donation of Rs 12,000 for one year
  • Sponsor a corpus gift which will enable us to educate one child each year for 15 years by giving Rs 100,000
  • Sponsor a meal by giving a donation of Rs 3,000
  • Celebrate your special occasions at Manjul with our children (birthdays, anniversaries)
  • Provide educational material
  • Help us in getting our own building and premises
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Manjul Playhouse and Nursery


Manjul Playhouse,
Saurashtra High School Campus,
Near Kotecha Chowk


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